What are the benefits of social media advertising?



Social Ads have become a highly effective method for satisfying various marketing goals, like generating brand recognition or increasing sales. Social media provides an incredible opportunity for expanding reach across your target markets. I Media Net helps you develop immediate results on social media!

“What Are Social Ads?”
Social Ads are advertisements on social media platforms or networks that contain a title, a description and are accompanied by some multimedia element (a picture, video, clickable product item, etc.)
A Social Ad can be published in many different formats to grab a user’s attention and invites them to interact with the ad, business, product, or service.

“What are the main benefits of social media advertising?”
By realizing the advantages of social media, businesses can boost their sales and result in their improvement. Some of the benefits of social media advertising include the following:

1) Reach
Social media is an excellent way for your business to reach many potential clients.

2) Price
Not only is the cost of social ads relatively low compared to other advertising methods, but also you can set your budget to be as low or high as you want.

3) Brand Visibility
The entire world is on social media; therefore, using it to advertise your product or service will increase your brand awareness and overall market visibility.

4) Segmentation
You can advertise to specific users with predetermined characteristics, such as sex, age, language, use of a particular website, socioeconomic situation, personal interests and hobbies, if you are selling a specific product or service because social Ads allow you access to highly targeted audiences.

5) Brand Recognition
Social media advertising is a fantastic way to get users familiar with your brand and offerings, which can be particularly useful for e-commerce sites.

6) User Experience and Loyalty
By developing new content or targeted discounts and offers, you can make a positive customer experience on an entirely new platform. Besides, a business can establish a dedicated customer service account, improving the public’s opinion of the brand and making themselves more available to potential customers. Overall, social media ads allow you to connect with your followers and potential customers in a new medium.

7) Connectivity
Social media lets a company develop a specific channel for customer interaction, allowing clients to feel connected with the business. This means social ads can assist a business in strengthening the bond between clients and creating new ties within the target market.

8) Creation and Knowledge of the Target Audience
Social media advertising helps you understand your current target audience and can help you create new ones. Also, it lets you segment ads as much as possible so that potential clients see them, which leads you to understand further details about your audience; this can be exciting segments for the company.


“What are the most popular social media marketing platforms?”

There are around a billion Instagram users, and Instagram ads are pretty simple since Facebook owns the network. Moreover, Ads on Facebook can be easily adapted and shared on Instagram. Each ad is labelled as “Sponsored” to tell users that a given post is paid to advertise. Also, the option of clicking on “Learn More” is visible, and users can directly access the advertiser’s website by tapping on this call to action.

At the moment, there are roughly 2.5 billion active Facebook accounts. Therefore, advertising on Facebook allows you to reach a large community of online users. The basic requirements are just a  title and the ad itself; however, the possibilities are endless. There are several types of ads you can implement, relying on your company’s objectives. You can also establish different metrics for measuring campaigns’ efficiency (i.e. clicks, interactions, conversions, sales, etc.)

Right now, TikTok has over 680 million active users. Therefore, TikTok is a perfect place to advertise your brand, especially if your target audience is Gen Z.

LinkedIn gives the ability to publicize ads (either text or multimedia) and disseminate promotional content and news. Although to reach your target audience, a solid title is critical here. You can also demonstrate if you want users to visit your business’s website or LinkedIn profile.

Businesses take advantage of advertising on Twitter to help extend the reach of their tweets and to get better ‘tweet interaction’. Companies that use Twitter pay using “cost per interaction” (CPI). You are only billed if/when a user effectively interacts with a tweet through a share, an RT, a favourite, etc. Within this social network, there are many different types of campaigns depending on a business’s objectives.


The number of businesses and entrepreneurs who implement social media marketing strategies rises every year. I Media Net social media advertising services will assist you in leveraging the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available today.
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